The Scythe that Hunts the Dead

Scythe stands about 5' 9" tall. Usually seen in articulated plate. He carries a soulsteel Grimscythe that is often covered in a sheet. He almost always look unkempt cause by years at sea.

Strength: 2 Charisma: 5 Perception: 2
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 5 Appearance: 1 Wits: 2
Ability Specialization
Archery 0
f Athletics 1
f Awareness 1 Join Battle: 1
f Brawl 3 Unarmed 1
Bureaucracy 0
Craft 0
Dodge 0
c Integrity 4
Investigation 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 1
Lore 0
f Martial Arts(White Reaper style) 4 Scythe: 1
Medicine 0
Melee 0
f Occult 3
c Performance 5 Dance 1
c Presence 4 Creating Intimacies
s Resistance 5
Ride 0
Sail 3
c Survival 2
Thrown 0
f War 1
Merits Notes
Artifact 5 Soul Scream (Soulsteel Grimscythe)
Martial arts 4 Purchase Martial arts
Resources 1 Leftover funds from Privateer career
Strong lungs 1 (Hold breath for 8 minutes or 16 rounds in duress)
Natural Immunity 2 points (Reduce difficulty for diseases, infection and sickness by 2)
Other Traits
Essence: 1 Personal:13/13 Peripheral:7/11 Committed: 6/6 22/22
Willpower:6 Points:7
Limit Break: 0 Limit Trigger: Faced with a chance to advance his own goals at the cost of innocents.
Soak & Defense
Natural: 5(6 Unarmored/11 ISoB) Armor: 7/11 Total Soak: 12/16(17/22 ISoB) Hardness: 0/10(1 Unarmored/6 ISoB)
Parry: 5(4 Unarmed) Evasion: 2 Resolve: 5 Guile: 2
Health Levels
-0 [ ][ ]
-1 [ ][ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]
4 Weapons & Armor
Unarmed strike A: 12 Damage 9 Overwhelming 1 Bashing, Brawl, Grappling, Natural
Articulated Plate Soak +7 Hardness 0 Mobility Penalty 2(0)
Soul Scream A: 10 Damage 16 Overwhelming 5 Lethal, Melee, Peircing, Reaching, Two Handed
Glorious Solar Plate Soak +11 Hardness 10 Mobility Penalty 0
2 Other Gear
Gear | Effect |
3 Intimacies
Intensity Type Description
Defining Tie* Win a Martial arts Tournament with White Reaper style
Defining Principal Shatter all Soulsteel binding forges
Defining Tie* Create a work to protect the crops of Makelo
Major Principal Defense of the innocent
Major Principal Allow the dead to pass on
Minor Principal Lintha pirates are fiends
Minor Tie The Hunter of Life and death: Frustrated love (Family)

*represents intimacies gained from the scythe that must be completed to earn a new evocation.

5 Charms
Charm Type Duration Cost Effects
Whirlwind Donning Prana Simple Instant 2m Quickly Don armor
Armored Scouts Invigoration Ref Indefinite 4 or 6 m Reduce Mobility penalty to 0.
Hauberk-Summoning Gesture Ref Instant 3m Call armor from Elsewhere
Glorious Solar Plate Simple Indefinite 10m 1w Creater Heavy armor from Anima
Oxbody Adds 1 -0 1 -1 1 -2 health levels
Thunderclap Rush attack Ref Instant 3m Move from Short to close range and instantly attack can be a non brawl attack
Falling Scythe Flash Sup Instant 5m Withering Double strengh raw damage; Decisive enemies with less Initiative add str/2 raw damage.
Revolving Crescent Defense Until next turn 4m 1i Switch onsluaght penalty to Onslaught bonus to parry.
White Reaper Form Simple One Scene 8m Form charm see text.
Masterful performance Exercise Sup 2m Add 1 success to Performance roll and reroll all 1 till they fail to appear
Graceful Reed Supplemental Instant 1m Makes a dance roll have double 9s
Battle Dancer Reflexive Instant 1m While the exalt dances add half performance to Parry or Evasion. Also to Resolve if dancing alone
Harmonius Presence Meditation Reflexive One Scene/Indefinte 5m/7m three bonus dice on all forms of Soocial infuence and reduce the cost of all social influence charm by 1. Does not help with stealth.
Salty Dog Method Permanent Permanent - Reroll 6’s on sail, add 1/2 Sail to Resolve against supernatural horror. If solar fails a balance check rolls back to feet, Will never fall off a ship, Always knows route to where he has been before.
Terristial Circle Sorcery
Control Spell: Invunerable Skin of Brozen
Experience: 55/55 Solar Experience 15/15

Aretimis Raios was born near the skullstone islands following in the family businesses of privateer. When his father died, his brother Acaleus Raios took over the ship as captain and together they built a new crew and continued the operation. Things took a turn for the worst when the Lintha appeared. The two brothers fought back to back against the fiends but Acaleus fell. With a roar Scythe attacked with renewed fury. He had to win in time to stabilize his brother. As he fought things slowed and light surrounded him the voice telling him to fix the cycle and suddenly he was no longer losing no longer could the blades strike find there mark. Golden essence had solidified into armor. He was surrounded in golden armor and he fought back pushing the pirates back rending them with his scythe. He was severally outnumbered and the new power did not hold up against so many and just before he broke the line the Lintha Captain joined the fight fresh and ready to kill a young solar.

The Deathlord however saw an opportunity and snapped it up. As life left Acaleus he was spoken to by a cold cruel voice “Give me your name and your soul. You can help your brother again stand take the power I offer and you will be stronger. Slaughter these pirates just swear your soul to me and you dont have to die. Your brother doesn’t have to die." With the last of his will Acaleus agreed and exploded in black essence rising like a corpse on strings and rejoined the battle. Black and Gold danced around each other with deadly grace and destruction. They took the Lintha ship. Since his brother could never use his name again they both took titles. Artemis became The Scythe that Hunts the Dead. Acaleus became The Hunter of Life and Death.

For a time they traveled together in search of the one that Hunter was sworn his soul to. Each was gifted a weapon by Hunters master. Hunter a soul steel blade and Scythe a Soulsteel scythe. Each took the weapon and did what they were told attacking a mercenary company threating a local village (Or so they thought) it turns out it was the company protecting the village. When Scythe realized he was angry with Hunter, his brother knew and let the order of his master bind his tongue to the truth. The argument turned into a fight and eventually both bloody and exhausted Scythe landed a surprise punch to knock Hunter to the ground and held the scythe at his brother throat ready to slay him but he couldn’t kill him instead he drug the man back to the ship and put him in the captain quarter and did his best to tend his wounds at least he would be able to recover. Taking the Lintha ship he sailed away selling the ship and what money he had left to continue west. Chasing a lead on what the scythe truly is and what can be done for it.

The Scythe that Hunts the Dead

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