Kandula the Wren

Attractive man in his early twenties with dark hair, flowing robes, and bright eyes. Dawn Caste, Awareness Surpurnal.


(image will change when i can get somethign drawn/comissioned)

Kandula has features typical of westerners, at least mostly. He is on the shorter side with deep brownish black hair that falls to his waist. He keeps some of it up in a elaborate topknot and decorated with minimal but elegant jewelry common to his former profession. He typically wears robes in the colors of the sea, greens blues whites and blacks that billow as he walks like the shore cascading into the beach. He wears slightly stilted sandles to keep his bare feet free of the muck on the streets of Wu Jain. His eyes are bright and that greenish blue of the sea before the storm. Unlike most westerners his skin is paler than most being lightened with lemon and parasols, a courtesan must never appear like a day laborer (though there is a natural warm tan to his skin that lends credence to his more ”common” origins). His Slayer Kahtar Tusk is about three feet six inches, two feet shorter than himself. It is orichalchum and white jade with three hearthstone settings and has two tusks after its namesake that give it is legendary name, and defensive capabilities.




Kandula the Wren

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