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The Crowned Sun in His Splendor

When the ships of Yi Xiandao came to Wu Jian they did so because they were going to make people rich. They rode low in the water, laden with bolts of golden cloth woven from the beards of shellfish, the iron-hard wood beloved of the shipwrights of Arjuf, the clam-derived subtle poison by which Tia and the best Maiden Tea was made, a thousand spices, as well as white, pink, and golden pearls. Trusted and well-trained factors handled the majority of the exchanges, the contracts had been negotiated years ago and all in the favor of the old man from Brightwalk.

If that had been all involved the great ship On Golden Sands, called the wooden isle for its vastness, would not lay anchored off the coast. Yi Xiandao did nothing by accident, and that meant he knew something. So when his launch reached the shore there were a host of flatterers, tradesmen, representatives, and officials offering him every courtesy and welcome. Yet when he opened his mouth to speak they fell silent.

(Read Intention action to see who here is trying to ingratiate themselves with me. Perception 2 + Socialize 5 + Islands Specialty = 5 successes)

“Truly Wu Jian is home to best of people, to receive a tired old merchant with such hospitality. It is clear to me that I have been negligent to ignore the many friendships I should have made here, and perhaps, with your forgiveness for my error, we can begin to rectify the situation today.”

(Instill Action, attempting to make them think favorably of him, playing off either their patriotism or greed: Charisma 4 + Presence 5 = 2 successes)

“I had hoped to see certain of the sights of your wonderful isle. My father has in his collection many stories of Wu Jian and I had hoped to discern the truth of some of them while I was here. My gratitude would be with whoever could lend me some assistance. I hope it would not be too terribly inconvenient to show me around to some of the old construction, perhaps with a foray down to ground level near any old sites.”

(Persuade Action, playing off the former intimacy, he wants a local guide to find the golden needles and observe some of the Anathema era construction that isn’t covered by other buildings: Charisma 4 + Presence 5 = 4 successes)

Before the clamor in response could grow too loud he added, as if he suddenly remembered it,

“I was also told I should have a conversation with someone called the Architect, a singular character who it would ill suit me to anger. It would do my heart good to know I hadn’t aroused any such ire as I have heard about from this character. I would be glad to compensate anyone who took the trouble to convey that I have nothing but the best of intentions while I am here.”

(Persuade Action, playing off an intimacy to the Architect or to me, to deliver a message and arrange a metting: Charisma 4 + Presence 5 = 5 successes)

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In order:

Out of the small group you immediately pick out the important members of the entourage and the hangers on. Irman, an older gentleman who is the high priest of a small cult dedicated to the City Father seems to be the most eager to greet you.

In Irman and the minor characters you believe have instilled a favorable impression. From your research you know Irman has been known to accept bribes in the past and is probably hoping to curry enough favor for one.

“My lord, we would be delighted to escort you through our great city and show you our ancient holy sites and historical places. If you seek the Apothecary then I will personally guide you to his residence at the Sapphire Lotus. My schedule is very busy today but we can ehr….. always find time for one as important as yourself.” Irman gives a slight grin and rubs his hands together eagerly as he says this.

(Irman and his entourage will escort you to the lotus without issue or threats from the locals)

The Crowned Sun in His Splendor
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