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Initial Post and Rules

Hey guys, sorry for the slowness. I’m balancing real life work and school and family. I am excited to get the game started. Here is what I was thinking in terms of posting. Let me know if you like it or want to make any changes.

When you have time send me an email about why your character is in Wu-Jian. This is to help me try to tie together your first meeting and I am more than happy to help with you with this. Also feel free to post anything about your character that you want under the characters section such as a description or goals or quirks or anything really. The more info I have about your characters, the more hooks I can make for you.

For the posts themselves I rely on the honor system for rolls. We are all here to have fun so I shouldn’t have to look over your shoulder for the rolls. Simply post your results in parenthesis when you describe an action that would require a roll. For example: Wren dodges the sword blow with an elegant backbend that seems to defy gravity itself. He returns to his feet to face his foe with his caste mark glowing with the power of the Sun itself on his brow. ( 5 successes)

Because we are using a post format, feel free to retcon as needed to make your post feel more appropriate. Another example: The deathknight throws a hard punch into Wren’s ribs and smiles slightly as he hears the sound of ribs crack. Wren could reply after using a charm to drop the damage down like so: As the deathknights fist hits Wren, his entire body flashes solar essence like a sun burst. The abyssal’s fist makes no more impact than if he had just punched a wall of orichalcum.

Hopefully that makes sense. If not feel free to ask and I will try to explain better. I think it will be easier to see once we get started. I will break scenes up into different posts on the log here so we can track them better and have a record of what has been happening. I hope to have the first post out this Sunday. Write in when you can and we will develop a flow once we start to get the hang of it all.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


The Wren awakens
Where the dawn is introduced

Wren wakes with a start, that dream again. Dark omens. The night air of Wu Jian is muggy and sweet. The city a riot of noise even at this late hour. It’s thoughtful hum a cadence to its diversity, its corruption, its very life. The young man stands and closes his robe, then brushes his hair back before putting much of it in his usual topknot. He pauses to look out of the window keen on any changes from the norm. As he watches, he pulls Tusk to his side, the ancient weapon like a balm on the memory of the nightmare he just received. (Rolling perception + awareness + changes specialty 10 dice = 4 suxx)

Chapter 1

Anathema. An Anathema has been found in the “great city” of Wu Jian. Most would never admit the appeal the city has on individuals that find themselves here. Anything can be found in these flooded streets if you know where to look. Any good or service can be found and now one of the Anathema has arrived and is being hunted by the glorious, noble Wyld Hunt. At least thats what the the criers are decreeing at this late hour.

You know better though. Deep in your soul you know that you would be branded “Anathema” if they knew what you are. You don’t feel like you are possessed. Even though you haven’t met anyone else like yourself on your journeys, you can’t help but hold onto the hope that maybe there is another just like you. You saw the end of the battle. The two women rushed each other as the waters flooded around them in the slum streets. The golden woman impaled through the stomach by a sword while slumped over the body of the unconscious woman. The latter lays in the middle of a broken wood cart that was unceremoniously slammed into her by the young woman that is now bleeding on top of her. The rumors are that two other dragons went to pull their companion from the rubble but the sun child was gone, not even leaving a trail of blood. None seem to remember seeing her leave but the consensus is the same: There is a wounded golden demon hiding somewhere in the city.

You have been in Wu Jian to know that there is only one place people go when they need urgent help. A tea house and brothel on top of a tower of slum buildings. One of the few places where the paint isn’t peeling off and it doesn’t reek of bodily fluids. No this is an establishment that makes its coin as a respectable place of business. Were diplomats can meet in anonymous luxury. Where sailors can spend their wages after months at sea. And for those of Wu Jian that are desperate and hurt, the place that you can be healed with no questions asked. Where the only accepted payment is information and favors. The Sapphire Lotus Tea House is where the sick and injured come when they have no other options. If you want to find the girl like you, then you need to go see the Apothecary.

A Shadow in the Night

Veron jackknifed up and forward so fast that he almost broke his nose on his own knee. For a long moment the only noise was the sharp edge of his jagged breath ricocheting in his ears. His sheets were coiled about his body, a great twisted serpent slick and sour with sweat.

He breathed a curse into the night and the melange of noises that never quieted broke in through the open window.

Veron had always been a light sleeper out of necessity, but it had become harder and harder to get through the night with these damnable dreams cast around his neck like an albatross. Doubly so here in Wu-Jian, where Veron felt so keenly the absence of a swaying deck beneath his feet, painful and strange like a new wound.

There was nothing for it, he thought miserably, the frantic heat in him quieting as adrenaline left him in a rush. He’d never get back to sleep now.

He carefully untangled himself and lit a candle in a little metal dish on the scuffed nightstand. Beside it was a green leather-bound journal with faintly yellowed pages, a long red feather standing at attention in a well of ink. Veron transcribed the details of the dream as faithfully as he was able, knowing that if he were to flip back a page the same words would peer up at him, and on and on for months now.

He dressed himself slowly, paying careful attention to detail and checking the line of his outfit thrice before finding it acceptable – a silk vest, charcoal dark with high-waist trousers to match, over a jewel-blue tunic. He’d been made fun of for his almost fanatic dedication to his appearance in the past, but it was as integral to his survival as breathing, as the familiar weight of Veris at his hip.

He gathered the whip in question, tucking it neatly into his belt, and shrugged his pack onto his shoulder. The watery light of early morning was barely filtering down through the endless haze of smoke and stirring dirt when Veron stepped into the hall, the rest of the inhabitants doubtlessly still tucked neatly into their beds. Veron gave a wistful sigh.

Ah, well, he thought, and strode onward. There was work to be done.

The Falling Star Rises

Starfall stretched as she languidly rose from bed. She hummed a song half-remembered from childhood as she bathed, then once she finished toweling her self dry she whispered a word in the tongue of the Old Realm that caused her robes to unfold from the metal clasped around her wrist, then strapped on the belt that held her hatchets onto her waist before stepping into her sandals. She settled her cloak about her shoulders, gathered her meager belongings, and then exited the room that, however desolate was still nearing the point when it would be more than she could afford.

The streets were a sea of people, too busy jockeying for position among themselves to pay her much heed as long as she kept her cloak in place. The voices of the multitude were the surf that crashed about her as curiosity drove her forward.

She’d considered continuing to lay low rather than risk going to the Apothecary, of course, but since the Hunt was likely still present in the city then she would need to learn everything about their movements she could, and if the gossip making the rounds of the city was anything to judge by then no other place could be as promising a source of information.

The Crowned Sun in His Splendor

When the ships of Yi Xiandao came to Wu Jian they did so because they were going to make people rich. They rode low in the water, laden with bolts of golden cloth woven from the beards of shellfish, the iron-hard wood beloved of the shipwrights of Arjuf, the clam-derived subtle poison by which Tia and the best Maiden Tea was made, a thousand spices, as well as white, pink, and golden pearls. Trusted and well-trained factors handled the majority of the exchanges, the contracts had been negotiated years ago and all in the favor of the old man from Brightwalk.

If that had been all involved the great ship On Golden Sands, called the wooden isle for its vastness, would not lay anchored off the coast. Yi Xiandao did nothing by accident, and that meant he knew something. So when his launch reached the shore there were a host of flatterers, tradesmen, representatives, and officials offering him every courtesy and welcome. Yet when he opened his mouth to speak they fell silent.

(Read Intention action to see who here is trying to ingratiate themselves with me. Perception 2 + Socialize 5 + Islands Specialty = 5 successes)

“Truly Wu Jian is home to best of people, to receive a tired old merchant with such hospitality. It is clear to me that I have been negligent to ignore the many friendships I should have made here, and perhaps, with your forgiveness for my error, we can begin to rectify the situation today.”

(Instill Action, attempting to make them think favorably of him, playing off either their patriotism or greed: Charisma 4 + Presence 5 = 2 successes)

“I had hoped to see certain of the sights of your wonderful isle. My father has in his collection many stories of Wu Jian and I had hoped to discern the truth of some of them while I was here. My gratitude would be with whoever could lend me some assistance. I hope it would not be too terribly inconvenient to show me around to some of the old construction, perhaps with a foray down to ground level near any old sites.”

(Persuade Action, playing off the former intimacy, he wants a local guide to find the golden needles and observe some of the Anathema era construction that isn’t covered by other buildings: Charisma 4 + Presence 5 = 4 successes)

Before the clamor in response could grow too loud he added, as if he suddenly remembered it,

“I was also told I should have a conversation with someone called the Architect, a singular character who it would ill suit me to anger. It would do my heart good to know I hadn’t aroused any such ire as I have heard about from this character. I would be glad to compensate anyone who took the trouble to convey that I have nothing but the best of intentions while I am here.”

(Persuade Action, playing off an intimacy to the Architect or to me, to deliver a message and arrange a metting: Charisma 4 + Presence 5 = 5 successes)

(Rolls link: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=20874973&postcount=1)

OOC Posts
Post here for any questions or issues OOC.

Post here for any questions or issues OOC.

Butcher Alley

The trek to the Alley brings your group into the deepest and darkest parts of Wu Jian. It is a maze of corridors and ladders and ramps that seem to lead down into the very abyss itself. By the time you arrive on ground level, the light from the sun is filtered down by grates, debris, and the towering buildings over you.

To say Butcher Alley stinks would be an incredible understatement of epic proportions. Blood and salt tinge the air with the undeniable smell of rot. The closeness of the buildings and the smell are enough to make anyone feel uneasy, but when you see the dried gore covered denizens that roam between the shops and storefronts, you suppress the sensation to throw up. You know the Black Tides claim ownership of this area and they will be watching you. The Temple lies at the far end of the alley.

The Interrogation

The Neomah looks at you with disgust. Small wounds ooze black blood from its face and eyes. “Kill me then. I’m bound to kill that one, whether I choose to or not.” It nods in Starfall’s direction.

Side note. Add 5 XP and take 5 Solar XP for our first battle finally being done lol.


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