EX3 West

The Wren awakens
Where the dawn is introduced

Wren wakes with a start, that dream again. Dark omens. The night air of Wu Jian is muggy and sweet. The city a riot of noise even at this late hour. It’s thoughtful hum a cadence to its diversity, its corruption, its very life. The young man stands and closes his robe, then brushes his hair back before putting much of it in his usual topknot. He pauses to look out of the window keen on any changes from the norm. As he watches, he pulls Tusk to his side, the ancient weapon like a balm on the memory of the nightmare he just received. (Rolling perception + awareness + changes specialty 10 dice = 4 suxx)

Initial Post and Rules

Hey guys, sorry for the slowness. I’m balancing real life work and school and family. I am excited to get the game started. Here is what I was thinking in terms of posting. Let me know if you like it or want to make any changes.

When you have time send me an email about why your character is in Wu-Jian. This is to help me try to tie together your first meeting and I am more than happy to help with you with this. Also feel free to post anything about your character that you want under the characters section such as a description or goals or quirks or anything really. The more info I have about your characters, the more hooks I can make for you.

For the posts themselves I rely on the honor system for rolls. We are all here to have fun so I shouldn’t have to look over your shoulder for the rolls. Simply post your results in parenthesis when you describe an action that would require a roll. For example: Wren dodges the sword blow with an elegant backbend that seems to defy gravity itself. He returns to his feet to face his foe with his caste mark glowing with the power of the Sun itself on his brow. ( 5 successes)

Because we are using a post format, feel free to retcon as needed to make your post feel more appropriate. Another example: The deathknight throws a hard punch into Wren’s ribs and smiles slightly as he hears the sound of ribs crack. Wren could reply after using a charm to drop the damage down like so: As the deathknights fist hits Wren, his entire body flashes solar essence like a sun burst. The abyssal’s fist makes no more impact than if he had just punched a wall of orichalcum.

Hopefully that makes sense. If not feel free to ask and I will try to explain better. I think it will be easier to see once we get started. I will break scenes up into different posts on the log here so we can track them better and have a record of what has been happening. I hope to have the first post out this Sunday. Write in when you can and we will develop a flow once we start to get the hang of it all.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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