Falling Star of the Thousandth Evening

A seeker after secrets, a mystery hidden behind a beautiful face. Twilight caste, Occult supernal.


Falling Star of the Thousandth Evening (“Starfall” to her friends) has skin that poets might describe as having the color of orichalchum polished with milk. They would no doubt also describe her eyes as twin pools of polished jade and her hair as twin ropes of spun gold.

She wears stilted sandals and a white robe that always looks spotless at the start of the day, no matter how dirty it may have gotten the night before. It feels like the most decadent of silks to the touch, but can turn attacks from all but the most skillfully used weapons.


The information below is not something she speaks of often, if at all, but is included for completion’s sake.

Cynis Estrangelo grew up on the Imperial Isle, the child of a branch of her House that had just enough prestige to marry their children off as baby farms to cousins above them in station, but not enough to make it seem worth it to the children that they used as bargaining chips.

Estrangelo decided at an early age that she was not having any of this, and dedicated herself to finding a way to Exalt so that she could gain a station that would allow her some measure of control over her fate. When she discovered that she had a small talent for thaumaturgy, she persuaded a Dragon-Blooded cousin to accept her as her apprentice.

The cost she knew about going into her apprenticeship was that she had to renounce her position in the family, which she was all too glad to do. The cost that she was not told until after she had done this was that until and unless she Exalted, she was her cousin’s plaything as much as her apprentice. Megara was all too happy to advise her that she had the option of saying no, but should she do this she would be utterly bereft of station, money, or place.

By day Estrangelo studied the occult secrets of the universe; by night, Megara used her however she pleased, giving her numerous lessons in how one should be careful of exactly what one asks for. And then after long months Estrangelo learned another lesson concerning that matter when she Exalted … as an Anathema.

Megara’s shock at seeing this allowed Estrangelo the opportunity she needed to begin fleeing before Megara could strike her down, and after a series of inconclusive fights between the two of them she managed to secure passage to a series of islands which ended in Wu-Jian.

Somewhere along the way, Cynis Estrangelo ceased to be. Now Falling Star of the Thousandth Evening seeks to discover what destiny the Maidens have decreed lies in store for her.

Falling Star of the Thousandth Evening

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