EX3 West

The Falling Star Rises

Starfall stretched as she languidly rose from bed. She hummed a song half-remembered from childhood as she bathed, then once she finished toweling her self dry she whispered a word in the tongue of the Old Realm that caused her robes to unfold from the metal clasped around her wrist, then strapped on the belt that held her hatchets onto her waist before stepping into her sandals. She settled her cloak about her shoulders, gathered her meager belongings, and then exited the room that, however desolate was still nearing the point when it would be more than she could afford.

The streets were a sea of people, too busy jockeying for position among themselves to pay her much heed as long as she kept her cloak in place. The voices of the multitude were the surf that crashed about her as curiosity drove her forward.

She’d considered continuing to lay low rather than risk going to the Apothecary, of course, but since the Hunt was likely still present in the city then she would need to learn everything about their movements she could, and if the gossip making the rounds of the city was anything to judge by then no other place could be as promising a source of information.


Near the ground level you can see throngs of people still sopping up water in the streets with buckets and clothes. The damage from the sluice water looks substantial but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the people much. From your guess, it would seem these people are familiar with hardship.

You start to make your way across the multilevel maze that is Wu Jian. The Warrens (the district you are in) is a frightful place even by Wu Jian standards. From your mid-level room the light barely creeps in from the tops of buildings piled high on top of one another. Rooftops double as walkways and old rope bridges and ladders turn the entire city into an massively overcrowded vertical empire. Shop keepers and stall merchants try to peddle their wares to you as you walk buy. Trinkets and half rotten fruit. What you would give for some decent food here. Closer to the wharf you start to notice a distinct upgrade in the appearance of both the shops and the peoples. Walls are splashed with paint. Some people look like they have actually bathed recently.

You start the ascent up the famous “10,000 Stairs to Heaven”. Its obviously little more than a tourist gimmick but it is a direct line straight to the Lotus. You overhear bits of more gossip as you walk the ill named pathway to the Lotus. A Lintha raiding party was destroyed a few hundred miles away by a single black ship. The Guild will soon be increasing the price of goods imported from Coral. A serial killer has been poisoning people on the Little Island District and setting clockwork traps throughout the city. Sharks have been raining from the sky on the Blessed Isle and wild man-beast have devoured everyone all the Caul. Gossiping is one of the most lucrative past-times in the West.

You round step 776 and see the top of the Sapphire Lotus. One of the most (in)famous Tea Houses of Wu Jian. If anyone can tell you about the location of the strange golden girl, it will be someone in there.

The Falling Star Rises

It seems almost a relief now to hear the words “strange golden girl” without them automatically being about her, no matter how brief a time that may continue to apply. Starfall makes her way into the teahouse. With luck she will find the information she seeks. If not, at least the tea there is of acceptable quality.

The Falling Star Rises
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